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Where To Buy Fabrics For Furniture Reupholstery NYC Designers Love

upholstery material for chairs

In surveys, 47% of Americans indicate that they haven't updated their home's design in five years or more. If your home decor is starting to look (and smell) a little stale, then it's time to finally redecorate, and we're not talking about simply rearranging the furniture, again. No, it's time to give your home the facelift it deserves.

And New York City residents are well placed to give their home, loft, or townhouse the ultimate upgrade. That's because one of the best ways to redecorate your home is with furniture reupholstering. Finding upholstery material for chairs, couches, and ottomans can breathe new life into your home. Best of all, you can easily find the same fabrics for furniture reupholstery NYC designers use in their own homes.

So where can you find the best upholstery material for chairs in NYC?

  • Fabric Warehouses: On the West Coast, Los Angelinos have an entire fashion warehouse district to hunt for eye-popping fabrics. In New York City, you can head to Brooklyn to find amazing fabrics of every style, material, and design you can imagine. If you want to pick your own upholstery material for chairs and couches, this is the best way to check out the fabrics for yourself.

  • Online Fabric: In 2015, you really can find anything on the Web. A number of sites sell fabrics like upholstery material for chairs. But remember, you won't be able to feel or see the fabrics in person before you buy.

  • Garment District: Head to Midtown Manhattan's famed garment district to see fabric samples you can use in your next design project.

Furniture Reupholstery Can Restore Your Furniture To Better-Than Original Condition!

Once you've chosen upholstery material for chairs and more, it's time to get started. Remember: most sofas use roughly 13 yards of fabric, while chairs use just seven. If you're thinking about purchasing new furniture, you might actually be better off restoring the pieces you already own. Chairs and couches built at least 10 years ago actually last a lot longer than modern furniture frames.

In addition to reupholstery projects, you can re-finish the wood on your furniture, too. Before you put on the new fabric of your choice, carefully sand, paint, and stain the exposed wood to make your furniture look brand new again. That's the secret to achieving the best furniture reupholstery NYC has ever seen.

Once you've finished, then you can rearrange your furniture!