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Three Ways Tie Backs Can Add Interest and Design to Your Window Treatment

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When it comes to interior design, the overall look and feel of things is always made up of smaller details, but almost half of Americans (47%) haven't updated their interior design in the last five years. Adding new window treatments to a room can drastically change the look of it, but it's important not to ignore the details, like tie backs. The tie backs are a part of any window treatment, but choosing unique and creative ones can add another touch of design. Here are three creative drape tie back ideas that you probably never thought of.

  1. Antique Doorknobs

    Depending on your drapery styles, antique doorknobs are a creative way to add an interesting and functional detail to your window treatments. You can find old doorknobs in thrift stores or antique stores, but you should make sure that the knobs are big enough to hold your drapes back -- thicker drapery fabrics will need bigger knobs.

  2. Tent Flap Style Tie Backs

    Tent flap style tie backs are actually one of the best ways to accommodate and display two different prints or drapery styles. Tent flap styles are usually installed on shorter rods at the ceiling, and have a tab toward the middle to lower half of the drapery panel itself. These almost always have to be custom made drapes, since the size is so important for its functionality. The ties pull the curtain or drapery panel back, which exposes the other side of it. Similarly, these drapes could be tied together at the center as well, to help keep out heat. Studies show that curtains with white plastic backings can reduce heat gains by over 30%.

  3. Napkin Rings

    Napkin rings also make unique curtain tie backs because they're already so decorative and varied in styles. Using them also makes one of the most interesting window treatment ideas possible -- creating an hourglass shape with the drapes or curtains. Rather than pulling the curtains or drapes open to the sides of the windows, the ring gathers the fabric toward the center of the window.

Most Americans describe the overall look of their home as traditional (44%), followed by modern (22%), eclectic (13%), country (10%) and global (2%). Adding small details like the right tie backs to your custom drapery designs is such an easy and versatile way to add some interest and design.