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Three Super Simple Tricks to Update a Room

custom draperty

Almost every homeowner gets the itch to make a big interior design change once in awhile. It gets old looking at the same furniture, colors, and designs, and making a change every once in awhile can be refreshing and a fun project to take on. The problem is that making big changes to a room can be pretty pricey. Here are three cheap and easy ways to make over a room without breaking the bank.

  1. Window Treatments

    Since windows are a prominent feature of any room, making big changes to your window treatments is going to make a dramatic difference. There are a few different window treatment ideas that you can run with, and which one will be right for your room depends on two things: look and functionality. Custom drapery is going to give you the exact look you want for fabrics, while shades are more about function.

  2. Accents and Accessories

    Another easy way to give a room a brand new look is to go all out on accents and accessories. Since these are usually small details, it's not going to run you a lot of money to invest in some new accent vases, lamps, or knick knacks. Custom pillows (to match your custom drapery) are also a cheap and easy way to add a punch of color or a splash of a cool print while drawing on the existing design and pulling the room together.

  3. New Upholstery

    Since furniture is also a big part of any room's look and design, an easy way to make a big change is to update the furniture. Replacing all of your furniture is going to be really expensive, so consider getting it reupholstered. Furniture reupholstering is also an easy way to make your furniture look brand new and last a little longer without spending a ton of money.