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Three Interior Design Trends for Summer 2015

custom drapery panels

Shifting into spring and into summer are pretty similar when it comes to interior design -- both call for lighter fabrics and lighter colors. However, it's still good practice to make a marked change from your spring designs into your summer designs, especially when it comes to curtains and drapery styles. If you're looking for custom drapery panels in preparation for your home's summer look, here are a few of the most popular trends in interior design in 2015.

  1. White Wash

    White has long been a spring and summer design staple, and it's not going anywhere this year. One of the best things about summer is enjoying the natural scenery rather than having a design compete with it, especially when it comes to window treatments. Choosing a bright white rather than an ivory or eggshell tone creates a cleaner and brighter look, which is refreshing and helps reflect the abundant natural light in the summer.

  2. A Dark Pastel Palette

    Most homeowners prefer to use lighter materials for their drapery fabrics in the summer, but shading a home can actually keep a room up to 20 degrees cooler on a warm day. If you do opt for a heavier fabric for your custom drapery panels, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a second summer trend in interior design: darker pastels. Pastels are perfect for summer, but this year they're slightly darker and richer in tone and usually paired with a gray.

  3. Minimalist Color Blocking

    Drapery can change the entire look of a room, so if you're looking for a more dramatic change and really want to play with color, the drapes are a perfect place to do it. Color blocking and minimalist design are also both big trends this year, so look for fabrics with large solid swaths of color.

If you're looking for custom made drapes for this summer, the good news is that this year designs are mostly just slight updates from established summer staples like whites, pastels, and simple designs. Make sure to avoid rich deep colors and heavy fabrics like velvet and wool, which are better for the colder months.