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The 4 Most Modern Window Treatments Ideas for Loft Living

custom window shades

From the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles to the ever-expanding boundaries of hip Brooklyn, thousands of young, urban, professionals are discovering the benefits of loft living. While exposed ductwork and high ceilings might not be for everyone, many people of all ages love the contemporary look and feel of urban lofts. However, the modern, open layout of many lofts pose certain interior design challenges, for both professionals and DIY designers.

So what are the best modern window treatment ideas and custom window shades for loft apartments? Here are some options to consider:

  1. Minimalist
    Most designers agree that the proper way to style an urban loft is in true minimalist fashion. That means ornate balloon shades, valences, and flowing drapes will probably clash with the rest of your living space. And especially if your loft has a killer view, then you'll want to find minimalist, sheer blinds or custom window shades with black, grey, or white fabric.

  2. Motorized Shades
    Because many lofts are built out of old warehouses and factories, they often feature high ceilings and huge floor to ceiling windows. And while many people forgo window treatments for large windows, for loft residents who do want shades, high windows can be incredibly vexing. That's why many designers recommend motorized custom window shades controlled by remote control. Not only do motorized roller shades come in a variety of styles to match any decor, but there's nothing more modern than automated home fixtures.

  3. Blackout Shades
    If you live in a loft with a large number of windows, then blackout shades or curtains can help regulate the amount of lighting inside your living space. Although some loft residents might be able to pull of the bulky look of more traditional blackout curtains, sleek blackout shades are in keeping with our minimalist theme. And not only do these custom window shades block out up to 99% of light, but if you live in a noisy urban setting, certain brands of blackout curtains can block out 40% of noise as well.

  4. Eco Conscious Custom Window Shadesstrong>
    If you want to bring a green-living ethos to your loft's interior design, then you can purchase custom window shades that help cut down on energy use. In the summer, custom window shades with medium-colored fabrics and white plastic backings can cut down on heat gains by 33%. Then there's honeycomb shades, which can boost the R-value (a measure of thermal resistance) of a window from 3.5 to seven.

According to home design studies, 44% of Americans describe their home's design as "traditional," but if you're part of the 22% who enjoy modern home design, then consider these four custom window treatments for your next loft living space.