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DIY Upholstery vs. Professional Upholstery Pros and Cons

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Although it's possible that we're slightly biased, we thought it would be worthwhile to look at the various advantages and disadvantages of the DIY approach to reupholstering furniture projects. There really is great pleasure in pairing the perfect fabric with your favorite pieces of furniture, and breathing new life into your living space. And if you've never invested in upholstery before, we're confident you'll be amazed with the results.

So why do most people choose to hire professional upholstery services rather than taking the DIY route?

The Advantages of the Best Professional Upholstery NYC Has To Offer

First off, upholstery is really hard to get right. Without the right training and tools, it's easy to leave a piece of furniture looking worse than it did to begin with. Do you know how many yards of fabric your chair or sofa needs? It's seven and 13 yards, respectively. And while many people enjoy the process of saving furniture with new fabrics and a fresh look, furniture reupholstering projects can quickly become frustrating if you haven't mastered the proper techniques.

Second, upholstery requires a long list of tools. If you don't plan on practicing upholstery often, then it's probably not worth the money and effort involved in tracking down a pneumatic upholstery staple gun, air compressor, carving knife, curved needle, T-pin, edge roll cutter, button needles, et al. And that's without even considering advanced projects like leather upholstery.

And lastly, a lot of modern furniture is known for shoddy construction. Usually, furniture frames built at least 10 to 15 years ago last longer than their more modern counterparts. That means older pieces are worth the investment, and newer pieces require delicate handling. And according to Angie's List:

"A lot of consumers are unaware of what can actually be done with their existing furniture. If the company you hire consists of skilled professionals, they should be able to build, reconstruct and even alter the design of your piece, giving it a new updated look."

So what are the disadvantages of professional upholstery? Depending on the number of pieces and the complexity of the project it can be more expensive than a DIY project. Even so, it's usually a savvier option than selecting all new furniture. And if you truly think you'll enjoy learning how to upholster, then you can take real pride in your handiwork.

If you do decide to hire professionals, don't just pick random furniture upholstery services. Find the best upholstery NYC has available. So how can you tell? The finest upholstery NYC has to offer will also feature their own extensive selection of fabrics, which allows you to design the perfect upholstering ideas for every piece of furniture. That way you can still be involved in the upholstery process, you just don't have to do it ALL by yourself.