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A Simple Guide to Spring Window Treatment Ideas

window treatment ideas

Spring is finally in the air, which means it's time to start spring cleaning and swapping out winter looks for fresher and cleaner designs. An essential part of doing this is tending to your window treatments. It's refreshing to trade heavy and dark designs out for light airy spring-inspired designs, but there are a few key spring window treatment ideas to guide you.

  1. Start With a Clean Palette.

    A bare window is like a canvas waiting to be painted. For the best looking windows possible, you need to start with a clean area. This means washing the windows -- inside and out. The glass should be clean and streak-free to begin with. Then make sure to clean any dust and cobwebs that may have accumulated on the sills or frames of the windows over the winter months.

  2. Opt for Blinds, Shades, or Shutters.

    When you have a clean window to work with, you can go in a couple of different directions for your window treatments. If you're really eager to let the sun shine in and have completely open windows, choose shades, shutters, or blinds over drapes. Custom roller shades, custom motorized blinds, and shutters can be maneuvered completely out of the way of the window panes and still offer privacy if needed. These often offer cleaner and more streamlined looks.

  3. Curtains Should Be Sheer.

    If you prefer curtains or drapes anyway, the most important thing to remember about spring-inspired styles is to keep things light and airy. Thick heavy drapery fabrics like velvet and wool should be avoided, since they are best for winter months and the look of drapes can change an entire room. Custom drapery for spring should be sheer -- linen is a popular choice and can transition into summer easily.

Spring-inspired window treatment ideas are all about keeping things fresh and light while allowing as much sun in as possible, which is welcome after a long winter. Remember that designs are more beautiful on a clean window, that shades and blinds let in the most light, and sheer fabrics are always in for the spring season.