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6 Reasons Motorized Shades Aren't Just For Bond Villains Anymore

motorized shades

So you're redesigning your home or loft and you're interested in purchasing the kind of modern, custom motorized shades NYC designers use in their work. In days gone by, the only people with access to custom motorized blinds technology were James Bond villains who really wanted to make their top-secret lair pop.

Of course, in the 21st century, motorized shades are a must-have for modern home designs, whether you're living in a hip Manhattan loft or a blissed-out Silver Lake ranch in sun-drenched California.

But if you're on the fence, what are the benefits of motorized shades NYC dwellers should know about?

1. Blackout Shades Provide That "Zen" Touch

Many brands of blackout shades and curtains aim to block out up to 99% of light. Not only that, but some brands of blackout shades block 40% of street noise, too. Some customers choose motorized shades in pursuit of the elusive, perfect bubble bath. Others work nights and need to black out their room to sleep through the day. Even if you just want to quickly dim your yoga studio, motorized blackout shades provide the cover of darkness at the push of a button.

2. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

The biggest benefit of motorized shades NYC residents report -- installing custom motorized blinds makes you more likely to use your shades regularly. And when you actively adjust your shades, you can make your home far more energy efficient:

  • During cold winter months, even conventional drapes reduce heat loss by as much as 10%.
  • The "R-Value" of a window is the measure of its thermal resistance and insulation rating. By adding honeycomb shades to your home or loft, you can double the R-value of standard windows from 3.5 to 7.
  • Studies also show that medium-colored drapes with white-plastic backings reduce heat gain by 33% during the summer.

And by installing electric shades for windows, homeowners are much more likely to use them to their full advantage. So if you want to maximize the green-value of your home, consider the custom motorized shades NYC's most stylish lofts feature on their windows.

3. Superior Customer Service

If you're planning a home redesign on your own, then the professional installers who provide motorized shades can help take some of that extra work off your hands. Even installing traditional blinds and curtains can be a DIY challenge, so consider letting the experts provide the best window treatments available. And if you're a professional designer, offering the latest custom motorized shades NYC has to offer will set your offerings apart from the competition.

4. If You're A Vampire, Obviously

Experts say that one in six people looking for the best custom blinds NYC designers have for sale are probably vampires afraid of being turned to ash by a stray beam of sunlight. And yes, that's a totally real fake statistic. #TruthFacts

We're not judging.

5. SmartHomes

Fully integrated smart systems are a very popular luxury home feature in 2015. Many custom motorized shades allow homeowners to control their blinds with mobile devices, making it easier than ever to become the master of the house.

6. Safety First

Experts warn that window blind strings longer than 7.25 inches can pose a serious risk to child safety. Pets have also been known to become tangled or trapped in window blinds. Modern, custom motorized shades can be installed without exposed strings, ensuring your home is more child safe than ever before.