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3 DIY Tips For Custom Pillows & Home Design

custom pillows

Many Americans are content to buy whatever pillows and pillowcases happen to be on sale at Ikea, and they end up with garish items that look like they were made out of recycled Lily Pulitzer knockoffs. But for people with an eye for interior design, custom pillows, accent pillows, and throw pillows can provide the finishing touch required to truly complete a room.

According to a recent survey, 47% of Americans haven't made any changes to their home decor in five years or more. Fortunately, the Web has provided a wealth of resources for DIY home design aficionados looking for tips. If you're interested in using custom pillows in an upcoming home decor redesign, then here are some quick tips:

1. Great Artists Steal

Sites like Pinterest are a gold mine for Do It Yourself interior designers, and the site is full of fabulous ideas for giving your home a face lift. You shouldn't hesitate to borrow ideas from your favorite pins, so if you see something, "steal" something. Also, there are many inventive designs on sites like Etsy as well. Although you'll find some delightfully tacky custom pillows on the eCommerce site, you can also find grand ideas for your own home.

2. The Text Pillow

Although not everyone is a fan of this trend, it can add a personal touch to any room. People have inscribed initials, monograms, and religious verses onto textiles and fabrics for millenia, but only recently in America has the trend of printing or sewing text onto fabric made a comeback.

A favorite quote or line from literature can be the perfect touch for an office, studio, or nursery. Custom pillows with text also make great gifts for weddings, baby showers, or anniversaries.

3. Revitalize Aging Fabric

When paint, fabric, or wallpaper fades and yellows with age, the process happens so slowly you never even notice. Then one day you move a painting or flip a cushion and realize just how severe the damage is.

Quality furniture can last for decades, and antique hunters know that the best pieces last for centuries. But while the bones of your favorite sofa or chair might last for years, the fabric won't. Custom furniture upholstery can make valuable but aging furniture look brand new, while also revitalizing the entire room. You won't believe the difference reupholstering furniture can make to your home.

Reupholstery NYC Designers Love

DIY designers can find the fabrics, upholstery ideas, and custom pillows NYC designers use in their professional work online. In fact, it's never been easier to find a plethora of fabrics to suit any aesthetic preference. But if you do find fabrics, custom pillows, or upholstering ideas online, don't make any decisions unless you can see and feel the fabrics in person. Most major cities have warehouses where you can find custom fabrics, and textiles often look or feel different in real life than they do on your computer screen.