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Two Great Ways to Use Drapes Outdoors

custom drapery

One of the best things about spring and summer is making use of the outdoor spaces at your home -- to either entertain or just to enjoy some leisure time. Though most homeowners don't think about it, drapes and curtains can serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose outside. Here are two fun ways to incorporate drapes outdoors, and what to think about when you're deciding on outdoor drapery designs.

Make your pergola pop

One of the best ways to incorporate drapes into outdoor spaces is to add them to a pergola. If you have one -- or are planning to get one -- there are a few different ways to use drapes. Since a pergola is not an enclosed space, using thick custom drapes and curtains can help create the feel and illusion of walls while still keeping the space open and airy. Have the drapes installed in a way that when they are drawn, they meet at the corners of the pergola.

Enclose your porch

Another way to use drapes outdoors is to enclose your porch with them. This should be fairly easy to do, since it will just require the installation of a few curtain rods. Be careful when you're choosing custom drapery, since drapes can dramatically change the look of a space, so keep the overall look of your home in mind and think about what effect the custom drapery you choose will have.

When you're choosing outdoor drapery styles...

The first thing you should think about when you're looking at drapery fabrics is what your existing space looks like. Since outdoor cushions and pillows are an essential part of the design of an outdoor space, don't forget to take the look and style of them into account. Additionally, make sure that you find fabrics that can withstand extended exposure to sunlight and weather.

Drapes aren't just for indoor use, and they can go a long way in adapting a space and changing the overall feel of the design. Don't forget to keep your existing style in mind, and pick fabrics that can withstand being outdoors.